Hello world!

Welcome to the webpage which used to belong to the hater Patricia Hildebrandt. All information posted here is for entertainment purposes only.

Patricia tried to bully me when we attended massage therapy schooling together first and second year from 2017-2018. I have a lot of life experiences and she quickly grew bitter that by her old age she had no life experiences comparable to mine.

She tried to humiliate me over Christmas of 2017 where I yelled at her and told her to f-off. I wrote into her association about her the MTAA. I also gave her a shitty review because how dare she try me. Years later she wants to cling on to a false news reporting about me and try to “spread it” by posting a shitty review using the false news media reports about me to my old workplace. I don’t even work there anymore it’s humorous.

I own my own business STILL and this old bitter man beast (in my opinion of course) is trying to hate on me for it? Hey Patricia I bought your website and this is how I’m using it! Next time FAFO bitch. I own it now. This is 100% legal and all mentions of Patricia on this site are based on factual information from my point of view. I don’t appreciate you trolling me Patricia and this shit ends here and now. If you keep harassing and trolling me I will sue you in court. I’m no criminal. I don’t need to make threats, it’s simple. Mess with me and I will sue you for defamation and whatever else I can sue for. Now fuck off.